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Historic Narration Journey

Historic Narration

May 5th - October 27th 2018 

Narration Sheriff DwyerClimb aboard and learn about the area and the railroad! Be enlightened through historic narrative and tales of what it took to build the railroad and what it takes to keep it going. Also learn interesting facts about the scenery and the historical significance of the area we travel through! The narrators will relate their tales to you in first-person storytelling, dressed in period clothing to match their character. They will take on the persona of an actual person involved in the settling of the West and portray through their eyes what life was like in the old days in the Durango and Silverton area.

“People can remember history better when they can see and touch it,” says Narrator Carrie Foisel. “I like to think you can understand history better if you can put yourself in a mindset where you pretend that you’re there, and that’s what the narration provides these travelers.” Click here to see a Durango Herald video about the Historic Narration.

Choose from these two accommodations:

Deluxe Historic Narration SAN JUAN Coach
NarratorTravel in comfort aboard a reconfigured version of the famous “San Juan.” This distinctive, 30-passenger closed-vestibule coach built in 1887 features roomy, reversible, overstuffed seating in a wide three-across arrangement. Age 12 years and over only.
Available May 5 - October 27, 2018

Train Round Trip (Different narrator each direction)
Adult (age 12+): $153.00*

Depart Durango 8:45am  ~   Arrive Silverton 12:15pm
Depart Silverton 2:30pm  ~  Arrive Durango 6:00pm
*subject to 7% Historic Preservation Fee

Historic Narration Coach

Historic narrators

Ride in a 44-passenger coach built in the 1880-1882 period and immaculately restored in the early to mid-1980s. The seat width is equal to the industry standard of an economy class plane seat. All ages are welcome in this car.

May 14 - October 11, 2018
Train Round Trip (Different narrator each direction)
Adult (age 12+): $119.00*  Child (age 4-11): $79.00*
*subject to 7% Historic Preservation Fee

Depart Durango 8:00am  ~   Arrive Silverton 11:30pm
Depart Silverton 1:45pm  ~  Arrive Durango 5:15pm

Skyway Tour (Bus/Train) also available.
The Historic Narration Journey is designed as a round trip experience on board the train. Please be aware that by upgrading to the one-way bus option, you will be missing one portion of the historic narration and no refund will be given.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We encourage passengers of any age to be willing and able to give attention to the speaker in order that all passengers may enjoy the full experience! Thank you!


Call 877-872-4607 or Book Now to reserve YOUR seat into history!

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