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21st Annual Fall Photo Special

21st Annual Fall Photo Special

October 2 & 3, 2010

Pullman green coaches

NEW FOR 2010! A Pullman-green consist last ran on the D&S line in the 1940s. In 2010 the D&SNG has repainted 3 coaches and 1 RPO (Concession) car to emulate this historic look. For the Fall Photographer Trains, the green consist will be joined by the Silver Vista for the first time since 1949!

Fall train at Needleton

Join amatuer and professional photographers  as we take the train into the remote wilderness of the San Juan National Forest and drop you off to photograph the train steaming past. Be sure to have plenty of battery power, memory cards or film to capture the unique opportunities not available to passengers on the regularly scheduled trains. These special trains are scheduled for optimal autumn foliage colors!

The Silver Vista will be available as an observation car for all passengers to visit.

Our concession car will offer complimentary soda, coffee & donuts and will have lunch, snacks, additional beverages and souvenirs available for purchase.

Saturday, September 25 and October 2

Our Saturday trains will focus the run-bys on the northbound trip to Silverton allowing the photographers to Vista view Falldeboard before we back the train up and out of sight. With 2 blasts of the whistle, the train will proceed forward and come steaming past the line of photographers. We will also have opportunities to photograph two northbound trains. After a brief break in Silverton, we will head out on the rails with non-stop service back in Durango. A concession car will be available on this train. 

Saturday's schedule:
Depart Durango..........7:00am
Arrive Silverton...........1:45pm
Depart Silverton.........3:00pm
Arrive Durango...........6:30pm
Saturday Fares: 
Coach....................... $224.00*
*All fares subject to 4% Historic Preservation Fee.

Sunday, September 26 and October 3

Our Sunday trains will focus run-bys on the southbound trip to Durango. Freight cars

We will offer a classic mixed consist with freight cars and flat cars joining the Pullman-green passenger coaches and Silver Vista in Silverton. We will run non-stop to Silverton except to take on water. After a short break in Silverton we will head south to photograph the 2 northbound trains and offer many run-bys to photograph our own train and crew. The Caboose will be in the center of the train when we depart Silverton.

Sunday's schedule
Caboose door view
Depart Durango.......7:00am
Arrive Silverton.......10:30am
Depart Silverton......12:00pm
Arrive Durango.........7:15pm
Sunday Train Fares:
*All fares subject to 4% Historic Preservation Fee.

Available to book now!

970-247-2733 or Toll free: 888-TRAIN-07

Tips for riding the Photographer Special Trains:
Fall ElkPark_Lashmett
  • Wear sturdy shoes to safely climb on and off the train and in some locations, scramble over rocks and hills for the best shooting angle.
  • You may choose to stay on board during any run-by. However, please keep out of sight and do not wave or talk to the photographers on the ground during the photo run-by.
  • Please maintain silence during the run-bys as there are many people recording the sound of the train from start to finish.
  • Come prepared for autumn weather in the San Juan mountains! Dress in layers for cool mornings and evenings and warmer midday temperatures. Snow is a common occurance in October!
  • Wear neutral-colored clothing in case you accidentally get in another photographer's frame.
  • Be sure to have plenty of battery power, memory cards or film.
  • Tripods help to get a great photo but are also burdensome climbing on and off trains and in the rugged terrain. Please use good judgement in what is right for you.

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