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Conserving A National Treasure

Track Repairs Completed

Because of a severe thunderstorm that struck the area on Tuesday, July 24th, the D&SNGRR sustained severe track and railbed damage between Hermosa and Rockwood.  Repairs have been completed. Regular operations resumed Sept. 21, 2018

Below are photos taken of the track damage immediately after the thunderstorm on July 24, 2018. 

Repairs to the track will include the following:

A slope is being constructed at the site of the washout and will be 200' wide and 60' deep.  It will be an interlocking rock slope design.

The rock used will be between 30,000 and 60,000 pounds in weight.  Fill dirt and bedding materials will also be hauled in.

The machines being used for this work include a CAT 321, CAT 349, JDEERE 160, 2 Mini Excavators, a Diesel Locomotive with two flat cars, a Speed Swing, a CAT Backhoe, and compaction equipment.

Two culverts will be installed.  They are 8' in diameter, 10 gauge, and each just over 100' long. They will be about 20' deep.  They are constructed of steel with a poly coating.   These culverts will be angled at a specific grade and it will take 5-7 trucks to deliver them from Denver.

Once the culverts are in place, a Tecco Mesh high steel strength tensile wire (that looks like fencing) will be drilled in, grouted, bolted, and anchored to the slope to hold the material and rock in place.  The material has a strength of 150,000 PSI, wire diameter of 3mm, and total area of 5,250 square feet. 

Below are photos taken August 16th with track repairs well underway.

And here are photos taken the week of 9/3/18

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