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2nd Annual Presidential Photographer's Train

2nd Annual Presidential Photographer's Train

May 1, 2010

CataractFallsThis train will offer a rare opportunity to photograph the late spring snow and high water in the upper Animas Canyon. On this Presidential Photo Train, our train consist will have all Tuscan-red premium cars, most of which date back into the 1880s. This consist is similar to the trains that carried presidents and dignitaries between Durango & Silverton during the last 128 years.

If you’ve never ridden on a Photo Train before, here’s how it works! Once we are past the areas accessible by roadway, at pre-determined locations the train will stop to allow all the photographers & videographers to deboard. The train then backs out of sight while the photographers get themselves placed and their shot set up. With a signal from the conductor, the train then steams out from behind the trees or granite curve into full view and past the photographers again. If time allows, we may offer one more ‘run-by’ and then the train backs up to allow passengers to reboard. Once loaded, the train continues on to the next scheduled run-by!

The maximum capacity for this special train is limited to just 80 passengers. Be sure to make your reservations early!

Seats in the Rio Grande and Prospector will not be sold. Rio Grande is available to everyone as an outdoor viewing place to stretch out and take photos.  A deluxe hot morning brunch buffet and hot afternoon lunch buffet will be set up in the Prospector for you to enjoy at your leisure. Click here to see the delicious buffet menus!




Departure: 8:00 am from Durango
Return: 6:00 pm to Durango
This train will depart Durango at 8:00 am. We will plan for 2-3 run-by’s in each direction of 20 minutes apiece, adding an overall hour to each leg of the trip. We will focus run-by opportunities above Cascade Canyon, and try to do one above Elk Park depending on the safety of the snow conditions. The focus will be to photograph the train in areas with the remnants of winter snows that look dramatically different from the run-bys we offer during the Winter and Fall photo trains. The train will arrive at the Silverton Wye around 12:30pm. We will not go into the town of Silverton. Train will arrive back in Durango at 6:00 pm. 

Amenities:Pres Train2
There will be attendants in each passenger car to serve complimentary beverages and premium amenities. A cash bar is also available. D&S Volunteers will be onboard to assist with run-by information and boarding/deboarding.  The hot brunch and lunch buffets are included in the fare. 10% discount will be given to Season Pass holders.

Nomad.........$219.00* (limited to 14 passengers)--SOLD OUT! 
Cinco...........$219.00* (limited to 14 passengers) --ONLY 3 SEATS LEFT!
Alamosa.......$209.00* (limited to 22 passengers) -ONLY 12 SEATS LEFT!
San Juan......$169.00* (limited to 30 passengers)

*All fares subject to 4% Historic Preservation Fee

Call (970) 247-2733 or 888-872-4607 to book your tickets now!


Note: Although we strive to adhere to our posted information, as in all railroading we cannot always predict weather and equipment status. The D&SNG reserves the right to add, change or cancel any run-by, equipment or schedules posted without advance notice. No refunds will be offered due to changes. The D&SNG will not be responsible for any cancellation related costs, including, but not limited to passenger travel, lodging, and food if the event cannot be completed.


Night Photo Shoot

April 30       8:30-10:00pmNight Photo Shoot

As an optional photo opportunity, we will offer a Night Photo Shoot the evening before the Photo Train. This will be limited to 50 photographers, so please reserve early! 

Tickets: $30 per person

Call (970) 247-2733 or 888-872-4607 to book your tickets.
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