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Winter Photo Train & Goose Excursions



Saturday 18th:  Goose* excursion W/ Tacoma Tour
Goose Depart: 8:00AM
Tacoma Tour: 10:45AM
Goose Return: 4:00PM
Night Photo Shoot: 6:00 PM-8:00PM

Sunday 19th: Photo Train & Goose* Excursion
Train Departure: 8:00 AM
Goose Departure: 8:15AM
Train Return: 4:00PM
Goose Return:4:15PM
*For the 1st time in over 60 years, the Former Rio Grande Southern Motor 5, the Galloping Goose, a little train that ran between small towns in CO like Dolores and Telluride will be Running In Winter over President’s weekend on our rails. Click here for details.


Saturday, February 18th

Goose Excursion with Tacoma Tour, 8AM-4PM*

•  Photography excursion focusing on the Galloping Goose #5
•  Will feature Cascade train run-bys at Tacoma and Cascade Wye
•  Trip will also feature a tour of the Tacoma Power Plant

Goose Excursion w/ Tacoma Tour: $119 
*Fares subject to a 7% Historic Preservation Fee

Sunday, February 19th

Winter Photo Train & Goose Excursion to Cascade Canyon, 8AM-4PM
•  Be aware that due to steep terrain and the possibility of deep snow, moderate to extreme physical activity will be required to access most run-by locations and those that   wish will always have the option to remain on board in the comfort of the train
•  All participants will be required to sign and submit our Release of Liability before receiving your tickets
•  Gaitors and warm boots with good tread are strongly advised.  Be prepared for current weather conditions.  Light colored outerwear is suggested to blend in with the environment on this photo shoot.
• Includes lunch, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks in a souvenir mug, morning pastries (passengers with dietary restrictions are strongly encouraged to bring lunch)
•  Passengers will de-board at approximately six pre-determined locations along the route for run-bys of both the train and the Galloping Goose #5

Standard: $189
O540: $289 (sold out)
Night Photo Shoot: $68
Night Photo Shoot Start Time:  6:00PM-8:00PM 
*Fares subject to a 7% Historic Preservation Fee

*  Restrooms are not available on the Galloping Goose but will be available at 4 select stops throughout the trip



Run-bys: You will have opportunities to get photographs and videos of scenes few people will ever have a chance to get as the train stops in the remote wilderness for you to disembark at specially selected stops. The train will back out of view and once instructed by the conductor, with two long whistles it will proceed toward the photo line with smoke and steam hissing and billowing in the cold mountain air! Once passed out of sight, the train then returns to pick up the passengers to take them to the next photo run-by. We will plan on having at least 6 run-bys between Durango and our furthest destination of Cascade Canyon!

Photo Lens Recommendations

If you have multiple lenses, please bring a selection. Most run-bys will be best captured with 55-200mm but for some you may want a wider lens especially if your shot is closer to the track. Since the train starts the run-by from some distance away, you'll want a longer lens. Many photographers use an 18-200 or 28-300 zoom lens since that works well at all the stops. Generally an extreme wide angle lens will get more than just train & scenery, you’ll probably get the photo line as well!If you’ll be joining us on the night shoot, depending on the shots you want, moderate wide angle to moderate telephoto lenses and anything from 70 to 200 should work well. Hopefully this helps!

D&SNGRR Policy on Commercial Use of Photographs:
The Photographer's Specials are intended to provide a unique photography and railroading experience for all. Photographs taken by individuals on this excursion are solely for the use of the private individual and may not be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Company. For specific usage requests and requirements, please contact D&SNGRR at (970) 259-0274. Trademark Licensing Agreements will be available onboard.

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