Introducing the newest diesel locomotive additions to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad arriving Fall 2020!

Below is locomotive No. 1202, one of two diesel engines in the final stages of being repowered by Motive Power and Equipment Solutions.

The other diesel will be No. 1201. Currently, we are awaiting completion of the traction motors after which they can be fitted to the truck assemblies and installed.

Currently, these two diesel locomotives are scheduled to arrive in Durango later this fall.

Note the bright color scheme which is based on the Rio Grande gold color and the maroon color that the D&S uses on its premium cars. The lettering is a tribute to both the Southern Pacific and Rio Grande styles used in most of the last generation of those color schemes.  Note that No. 1202 is currently pictured on standard gauge shop trucks and is without the fuel tank installed.