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Night Photo Sessions

 Friday & Sunday nights, September 23 and 25, 2016

Night Photo Shoot

There is always something magical about night photography, even more so with a live steam locomotive! Seeing and photographing the nightly operations of an active roundhouse and the use of a turntable at night is a rare opportunity! This is a working railroad and roundhouse crew are maintaining locomotives for the following day's service. We will be respectful of the work that needs to be done and adjust photography poses to work in harmony.

The D&SNG is offering a special night shoot in conjunction with our annual Fall Photographer Special trains. Space is limited. This small group will allow a more intimate opportunity to get unique shots. You must have booked a seat on one of the Photographer Trains to participate in the Night Photography Session. If there are any spaces available 24 hours before the night session, they will go up for sale to the general public.

We'll meet in the Durango Depot at 6:45pm and after a brief orientation we will start shooting and set up different poses for a couple of hours. We'll capture some blue twilight and shoot into the darkness as the light ebbs. Professional photography lighting will be set up to illuminate the locomotives.

$68.00 per person

Night ShootRequirements:
~Sturdy shoes. NO open toe/open back shoes.
~A sturdy tripod and a camera capable of long shutter speeds.
~Know your camera and how to adjust its settings. This is not a photography class. We will provide suggested apertures & shutter speeds but you are required to know how to operate your camera.
~Signed “Release of Liability” form (see below). These will be required before you can pick up your ticket.
~Any participant not adhering to the direction of official staff will be escorted off the property and no refund will be given. In order to continue offering Night Shoots, safety will not be compromised. Thank you for your cooperation.

~A remote release or cable release isn't critical but will certainly improve your odds of getting sharp pictures.
~A small penlight or headlamp is helpful to see settings on your camera and help illuminate the ground around you.
~Clothing: A September night may get very cool at 6512' elevation. We recommend that you bring a coat and, depending on weather, pack an umbrella, some gloves and ear warmers too!
~Be sure to have plenty of battery power, memory cards or film to capture the unique opportunities of night photography.
~Lens lengths from wide angle to 300mm are suitable. 

Disclaimer: The D&SNG reserves the right to change or cancel the Night Shoot if unforeseen circumstances arise. This includes but is not limited to severely inclement weather, equipment problems and schedule changes. Safety is our number one concern.Night photo line

Night Shoot

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