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D&SNG Museum in Silverton

Silverton stationSummer Train Season: open d

Silverton stationSummer Train Season: open daily 11:00a.m. until last train leaves Silverton
Closed November – early May (until train returns service to Silverton).

Just a few blocks from downtown Silverton, you’ll find a treasure at the Silverton Depot on the corner of 10th and Cement Street. Built in 1882 as a ‘temporary’ structure, the Silverton depot proudly stands to this day as a testament to the strength and tenacity that is fitting for the town and people of Silverton.

Stroll through the depot to see the waiting room, the ticket office, the coal room and coal dock. Silverton stationOutside you’ll see track and old rolling stock. Locomotive 493, built in 1902, is a K-36 class steam engine which is a larger engine than is needed on the D&SNGRR line. It stands in the yard, forlorn but not forgotten.Silverton museum

Silverton yardSlv yard Loco493

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