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Trail Ride FAQs

Rapp Corral Trail Ride Packages
  1. What experience do I need?

    Rapp Corral Trail Ride Packages
    1. What experience do I need?
      No prior horse riding experience is needed. Our horses are well trained and suitable for riders of all abilities. 
    2. How fit should I be to go horse riding? Is it strenuous?
      You should be in general good health. Please review the Rapp Corral Forms link for more details.
    3. What should I wear?
      Footwear:  Always start with a decent pair of socks! Boots with a slight heel are the best for riding, (like cowboy or riding boots) however, tennis shoes are sufficient. Stay away from the big bulky hiking type boots, these tend to get caught up in the stirrups.

      On your legs:  Long pants! Jeans or riding tights work perfectly. If it’s fall and you think you may be chilly, you may want to add a long-underwear layer.

      Up top:  Dress for the weather, think layers. If it is sunny, wear summer shirts (and lots of sunscreen). Always bring a light jacket (we can tie it to the saddle for you). Colorado weather changes pretty quickly, so again, layers are the way to go!

      Your head:  Baseball hats (snug ones) work well to keep the sun off your face. We recommend wearing hats that stay secure. Some of our guests like to wear their own riding helmets, which is great. We offer helmets to all riders. Kids twelve and under are required to wear one.

    4. What should I bring?
      Most important is your camera; you will want plenty of pictures to remember your ride! The wranglers will also take your picture during the ride if you wish. We recommend bringing bug repellent to use as needed. You will be at high altitude so bring and use sunscreen. You are welcome to bring a water bottle but it is not necessary as water will be provided at the cave stop.