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is a  collaboration between the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Teacher Education Department at Fort Lewis College. Students studying to become professional educators have researched, designed and authored lesson plans for Preschool-12th grade learners. The content areas for lesson plans and educational activities are very interdisciplinary, with standards-based lessons in math, science, social studies and language arts. While designed to be used in conjunction with a train ride and visit to the railroad, all of the educational materials found here are easily adapted to a variety of uses. The goal is to have a range of educational options extending from preschool through high school with educational selections spanning brief activities, full lesson plans, and eventually entire units. In addition, “literacy bags” with accompanying books, visuals and manipulatives are available for check-out or purchase. For additional information regarding this project please contact:
Dr. Jennifer Trujillo at [email protected] or 970-247-7275

  • Phonemic Awareness Packet.  A 3-activity packet including rhyming words, alphabetizing and a maze.   Written by Deborah Begay.  2.85MB View/Download

  • Onomatopoeia (Train Sounds). Using train sounds (onomatopoeia) and writing cloze sentences; read book All Aboard. Written by Rebecca Blauert. 2.28MB View/Download
First Grade
  • “Window Music”. Descriptive writing, oral/written activity describing train scenery with adjectives. Written by Dr. Jennifer Trujillo (Sample Lesson by Instructor). 2.32MB View/Download
  • “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”. Discovering jobs on the railroad; scavenger hunt; writing and singing. Written by Kelsey Wilcox and Jenny Walker. 6.60MB View/Download
Second Grade
  • Organize Writing. Use graphic organizers to plan writing; read Bear on the Train and The Little Engine That Could. Written by Mary Wood. 20.14MB View/Download
Third Grade
  • Mile by Mile. Place value lesson using mile markers on train route. Written by Mystique Darling. 5.29MB View/Download
  • Multiple subject; math word problems and facts, language arts, social studies, science (states of matter). Written by Kayla Hanson and Sydney Johnson. 2.15MB View/Download
  • Non-Verbal Communication (train whistle signals). Reading, writing and communicating; read Me and the Bears of Bitter Root. Written by Dana Soux and Tracey Schramm. 8.70MB View/Download
Fourth Grade
  • Cause & Effect Timeline. Timeline of key events in Durango’s history; journal entry using historical perspective. Written by Laura Jones. 15.30MB View/Download
Fifth Grade
  • Research Timeline. Develop research and writing skills. Written by Shannon Ellis. 3.27MB View/Download
Multi-Age Plans
  • Multi-age Collaboration Packet. A 4-activity packet including word search, crossword puzzle, picture match and maze. Written by Riley Alderton. 4.73MB View/Download
  • Train Adventure Booklet. Booklet includes I Spy, whistle signals, fill-in-the-blank questions and drawing pages. Written by Jason Swick. 3.04 MB View/Download
  • Art Flipbook. Students draw scenery that becomes a moving cartoon. Written by Christal Sales. 1.97MB View/Download
  • Madlibs. Gramatical word game where one person provides another with words for a fill-in-the-blank template; results are often humorous. Written by Kari-Anne Grant. 3.16MB View/Download
  • Activity Packet. Includes coloring pages, word searches and games. Written by Herb Clark. 12.98MB View/Download
  • Thank You Postcards. Thank you notes can be completed during or after a train ride. Written by Lexy Congdon. 1.81MB View/Download
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