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Fort Lewis CollegeKid Tracks and Classroom on Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroadthe Rails are part of an educational partnership
between Fort Lewis College and The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

This cooperative project allows students at Fort Lewis to bring their  education into a real life setting.  Student teachers design educational activities and lesson plans to enhance the learning  experience of kids of all ages.  Parents and teachers can use these resources to  integrate a variety of subjects relevant to this historic area where we live, work and play.

About Classroom on the Rails:
Prospective teachers in their final semester at Fort Lewis College create  high quality interactive lesson plans as their last project before they graduate. Designed to meet Colorado's newest educational standards, they are available here to any educator interested in using them to bring Durango's rich culture to life.  Written to be used in conjunction with a field trip to ride the train and visit to our railroad museum, each lesson plan is easily  modified to best suit an indiviudal teacher's need.  In addition to being available in a pdf  format that can be downloaded from our website, each lesson plan is  available for checkout, along with acommpanying resource materials, at our depot.

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