Locomotive 493: Conversion from Coal-Fired to Oil-Burning Tender Tank Construction

Conversion of Locomotive 493 from Coal-Fired to Oil-Burning

Here is the tender tank for locomotive 493 under construction in Durango. The tender tank is nearing completion off site with construction of the drop-in 2485 gallon oil tank beginning soon thereafter.

Roundhouse foreman Randy Babcock, looking inside the firebox.  The last remnants of the coal-fired 493 has been removed and a wooden pattern created as the first step in designing and building the new steel fire pan.  Also, in progress is the building and forming of the new rear firebox corners which require repeated heating and bending:

Here is one of the newfirebox corners nearing completion:

Inside the firebox.  Wooden pattern has been built for the firebox and will be used to construct a steel one.

#2 wheel axle has been built and wheels are in the process of being re-profiled.