Tour FAQ’s

Mesa Verde National Park Tour FAQs

  1. Who is the Mesa Verde National Park Tour designed for?

    Mesa Verde National Park Tour FAQs

    1. Who is the Mesa Verde National Park Tour designed for?
      Guests of all ages and backgrounds, from single travelers to large parties. The pairing of your interest with an experienced knowledgeable guide will enhance your visit into Mesa Verde National Park.
    2. What is meant by an environmentally friendly limited tour experience?
      Beyond teaching guests about the amazing development of the Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) culture, Mesa Verde Tours’ goal is to take as many vehicles off the road and out of the park as possible. The limiting of guest to guide ratio at 10 guests per tour guide ensures the ability to have your questions answered as the tour progresses through the park. Please note that vehicles are not handicap access modified.
    3. Why can’t you drive closer to some of the dwelling sites?
      Vehicles do pose an issue for dwellings that have been standing for over seven centuries; the vibration of vehicles on the roads can shake the masonry walls. Mesa Verde National Park has provided the perfect balance of preservation and convenience for the guest.
    4. Are the guides National Park rangers?
      All guides have a background within the studies of archeology, anthropology or history. The National Park Service has ruled that active rangers cannot act as private tour guides within the park they are employed. Our guides have numerous different backgrounds including some within the park service. Ask your guide about themselves and they will be happy to share interesting personal information about their background.
    5. What types of sites are to be seen?
      Mesa Verde National Park was designated as one of the first World Heritage Sites due to the ability to trace the advancement of the civilization through 700 years of habitation.  Tours are designed to show the progression of a culture and start with the earliest of these signs of development, a pit house, and continue through the development of masonry styles that were employed in the “cliff house” phase. You will not only see the advancement of the architecture but also the development of life and culture as seen through the archaeological record. The tour includes a cross-canyon view of Cliff Palace for photography and interpretation followed by a descent into the dwelling.
    6. How much walking is involved?
      Tours are designed to give the guest as much of a hands-on experience as possible, so exiting the vehicle and walking on improved pathways to the sites is essential. Generally, guests will walk a total of about two miles throughout the day. With a couple of exceptions, most sites are within 20 yards of the parking area. The exceptions are to place the guest within the cliff dwellings that Mesa Verde is best known for. At the cliff dwelling sites, guests will descend and ascend 100 vertical feet by stairs and ladders, with an overall walk of under 1/2 mile.
    7. What should I wear and bring?
      Weather appropriate clothing is a must! Temperatures and weather will be similar to what is expected for Durango. We suggest layered clothing as the morning hours do tend to be cooler than the afternoon. Recommendations: hat, sunglasses, light jacket (water repelling preferred) and comfortable walking shoes. Don’t forget your camera!
    8. What about lunch?
      A delicious fresh picnic lunch is included in your tour. At the time of booking you will be given an opportunity to make a sandwich selection from the following choices:  ham, turkey, roast beef or vegetarian. All the fixins’ including cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard will allow you to build the sandwich of your choice.  An assortment of chips, cookies, sodas and water are also included.
    9. Why is Mesa Verde Tours such a great value?
      Mesa Verde Tours operates from the creedo that history should be entertaining, interesting and informative – not expensive. The fully inclusive tours provide the necessities for the adventure of the Colorado Plateau while promoting the appreciation of a Native American community.  As one of Trip Advisor’s highest rated Durango area activities, Mesa Verde Tours recognizes its responsibility to provide guests an amazing journey through time.

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