The Zip Line Course

The Zip Line Course

  1. What is Soaring?®

    The Zip Line Course

    1. What is Soaring?®
      A zip line is the generic term for what Soaring® Canopy Tours is all about. Compared to other zip line canopy tour adventure courses, Soaring® Canopy Tours is the largest, longest and safest zip line course in the world. The zip lines in Soaring’s canopy tour are constructed of stainless steel helicopter-grade cable. Comparatively, other ziplines use “bright” steel, which is coarse and noisy (where the “zip line” noise comes from) and can get rust flakes in your eyes. Soaring® Tree Top Adventures’ stainless ziplines will never rust, and the higher quality, smooth wrap cable spans allow guests to enjoy this eco-adventure while taking in the beautiful and pristine surroundings during our canopy tour.

    2. How long does it take?
      It takes about 5 hours to complete the course, with a water/snack stop, bathroom break, and time to enjoy a four-course gourmet lunch in the trees. Menu selections are chosen by each guest after arrival, and lunch is served on a beautiful Soaring® platform along the Animas River. Vegetarian items are available.

    3. How many spans are there?
      Unlike most zipline courses that consist of 5 or 6 spans, there are over 22 spans and 28 platforms that make up the course at Soaring® Tree Top Adventures. There are also several unique elements to get into and out of the trees to enhance your day.

    4. How long are the zip line spans?
      The spans range in length from 50 to 560 feet, with a new 1400 foot span that was added in 2008 and is a guest favorite!

    5. What if it rains?
      Soaring runs rain or shine, so please come prepared with a hooded rain jacket or any other gear you’ll need to be comfortable outside in the elements. Remember, we are in the mountains and Soaring’s® temperatures run 5-10 degrees cooler than downtown Durango!

    6. Do I do this myself? How do I land at the next platform?
      Soaring is fully staffed with expert and friendly “Sky Rangers”- your guides in the trees. A Sky Ranger will do all the work involved in sending and receiving you from each platform.

    7. What kind of training does your Sky Ranger staff have?
      Soaring® Tree Top Adventures takes its staff training very seriously. Each Sky Ranger is First Aid trained, and we have Sky Rangers participate in a 40-hour Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification. Beyond that, each Sky Ranger is trained in Soaring’s® treetop protocols on how to effectively and safely guide guests of all ages and levels of physical ability in the trees.

    8. Do I need to wear gloves? How do I slow down?
      Soaring® Tree Top Adventures holds a patent to a unique formula that allows guests to leave one tree and arrive to the next without having to slow down manually. With this patented formula, guests arrive at a comfortable pace to the next tree to step right up onto the platform. A Sky Ranger is there to greet you at the incoming platform to handle all of your gear and get you ready for your next Soaring® span.

    9. How safe is Soaring?®
      Soaring® Canopy Tours’ first priority is to guest safety. Soaring has built redundancies into every aspect of its zipline course, and every detail has been planned out to ensure that your day is completely safe and worry free. Cables and connectors have been through rigorous engineering stress tests, and only top-of-the-line Petzl climbing equipment is used. The course and equipment is thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. Guests are attached to the Soaring® cables and/or a safety cable or line the entire time they are in the trees and do not get unattached from these lines until they return to the ground.

    10. Does any of this equipment hurt the trees?
      Soaring® Tree Top Adventures holds another patent in that the entire course is built without any hooks, bolts, screws, or anything else penetrating the trees. There is nothing that even penetrates the bark of these old growth Ponderosa pines. It is a unique patent that allows the platforms to be suspended in the trees without any harm to the trees at all. Sap flow and growth will never be impeded by Soaring’s system. According to well-known Arborist David Temple, upon inspection of the Soaring® course and of our system in the trees, he states: “these old girls won’t even know you’re here.”