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Cinco Animas

Cinco Animas

The Cinco Animas offers two elegantly appointed seating areas. You may choose to relax in built-in Pullman berth seating, or enjoy the views out the rear from the Observation Parlor Room. A large outdoor viewing platform is exclusively available to those who choose this car. This car is available during our summer season.

Age 21 and over

Seating Details

2013-14 Schedules & Fares

CarFare*TimeDatesCinco Animas
Cinco (Silverton Train)$189*8:00amMay 17 - Oct 8, 2014$189*
Cinco (Cascade Canyon Train)$99*10:00amNov. 27, 2013-Jan. 4, 2014$99*

 *Fares subject to 7% historic preservation fee.

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